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General technical requirements
© Renault Brand Stores - April 2016
Renault Store / Technical specifications for flags / Technical requirements
All fasteners and hardware used shall be made of stainless steel (non-magnetizable).
Aluminium "pop" rivets are accepted as long as the steel rods are systematically removed.
For welding, the wires and electrodes are to be compliant with NF 81.830.
The plinths for all equipments shall be completely removable without having to remove
another element of the assembly. The plinths shall cover the attachment plates or fastenings.
The attachment plates shall be easily accessible once the plinths have been removed.
For each of the assemblies which require a foundation block or fastening to a separate
structure, the signwriter shall provide the elements necessary, as well as the conditions to
be used to make design calculations for these elements (wind conditions and design calculation
Each finished product shall be marked with a metal identification plate on the structure
which shall show at least the following information:
• Name of the signwriter
• Product code and batch
• Month and year of manufacturing
• The CE Marking if it is illuminated.
2.1.8. STORAGE
The finished products shall be stored in a dry and well-ventilated location.
RENAULT inspectors shall be able to have access to them at any time.
2.2. Guarantees
The suppliers undertake to offer the guarantee conditions below for their products:
• 2 year guarantee on the installation against defects and faulty workmanship,
• 5 year guarantee on the electrical equipment including the LEDs and converters,
• 5 year guarantee on the adhesive elements,
• 5 year guarantee on digital printing (anti UV treatment),
• 5 year guarantee on workshop-lacquered sheet metal,
• 5 year guarantee on the chrome-plated diamonds,
• 7 year guarantee on sheet metal and profiles pre-lacquered by the aluminium manufacturer,
• 10 year guarantee on the internal structures,
• 10 year guarantee on the PMMA acrylic panels.
General remarks
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© Renault Brand Stores - April 2016
Renault Store / Technical specifications for flags / General remarks
To ensure the visibility of commercial sites, a range
of flags has been developed.
These flags are intended to structure the outdoor
space and improve the visibility of dealerships.
The flags are markers which identify the Renault
brand when approaching the dealership.
They are located at the boundaries of the property
in groups of 3 or 5, with precise spacing.
Flag bearing the Brand signature
Yellow flags
1 2
RAL 9010 satin white
- Masts
Pantone 7408 EC yellow Black
- Printing on polyester fabric
130 g/m2
Pure White
- Printing on polyester fabric - Polyester fabric 130 g/m2
130 g/m2
Colours and materials
© Renault Brand Stores - Ap

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